Volunteer Reception Center


The VRC registering volunteers after the March 2, 2012 tornado.

The VRC registering volunteers after the March 2, 2012 tornado.

What is a Volunteer Reception Center? (VRC)

When a disaster occurs well-intentioned members of the public want to help.   The Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) is a vital component for managing the numerous spontaneous and affiliated volunteers who respond to assist those in need.    The VRC acts as a staging area to process, train, and dispatch volunteer teams to the affected communities.   The Clermont County Developmental Disabilities (DD) oversees the operation of the VRC.


Immediately following an event, public safety agencies will be responding to life safety issues.   During this time, DD will establish a virtual VRC.  The virtual VRC will begin coordinating with the local community to anticipate future volunteer needs, gather volunteer information via phone and e-mail, and identify the location and staffing for the opening of the physical VRC.   VRC information will be posted on the County website, Facebook, and Twitter.


What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteer opportunities will vary based on the type of disaster and the specific needs of the affected communities.    Tasks will be identified by the local incident commander, Fire Department, Law Enforcement agency, municipal leaders, faith-based organizations, non-profits, and/or social service agencies that have a role in the disaster relief and recovery effort.


What should a volunteer bring to the VRC?

The most important thing for volunteers to have is a positive attitude.   The impacted community, public safety agencies, and disaster survivors may not be in a position to accept volunteers immediately.   Volunteers may be tasked to assist with sorting donated relief supplies or asked to wait until a later date/time when the community is ready to utilize volunteers.


Volunteers should bring appropriate attire for the work that may be assigned.  This includes:


Has the VRC been activated in the past? 

During the March 2, 2012 EF3 tornado, the VRC was activated to support the Franklin, Tate, and Washington Townships and the Village of Moscow.    The VRC processed over 1,000 volunteers in a 10 day period.