Citizen Corps Council

The Citizen Corps Council is the coordinating entity that ensures a strong connection and communication between the various Citizen Corps programs.  The Citizen Corps Council encompasses public education, training, and volunteer opportunities to engage all citizens in making their communities safer, stronger, and better prepared for preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies and disasters of all types, including natural, accidental, and human-caused disasters.


The purpose of the Citizen Corps Council is to bring together partner organizations to manage existing volunteer resources, to leverage mutually supportive endeavors among the represented groups, and to direct the overall plans to implement Citizen Corps in the community.


The goals of the Citizen Corps Council are to:

  • Promote and strengthen the Citizen Corps programs such as: Medical Reserve Corps Program, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program; Volunteer Reception Center (VRC), Tristate County Animal Response Team (CART); Clermont Amateur Radio Emergency Services (CARES); to provide assistance to government agencies that request volunteer services
  • Develop targeted public education and outreach for the community
  • Provide opportunities for training and education in emergency preparedness
  • Organize special projects and community events to promote preparedness
  • Encourage cooperation and collaboration among community leaders
  • Capture smart practices and report accomplishments
  • Create opportunities for residents to participate