Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program Accepting Applications

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency has announced the Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program is once again accepting applications.   The program provides a rebate to Ohio homeowners for the purchase and installation of tornado safe rooms.

Homeowners that are selected for the program are eligible for a rebate of 75% of the cost to purchase, install and/or construct a safe room up to a maximum of $4,875.00.

Safe rooms are defined as any above or below ground shelter that meets or exceed the requirements outlined in FEMA publication 320 and/or 361.    For additional information on safe rooms, visit: www.fema.gov/emergency-managers/risk-management/safe-rooms.

Homeowners have until February 20, 2023 to apply for the Safe Room Rebate Program.  To apply go to: https://ema.ohio.gov/mitigation-recovery/safe-room-rebate